Beach Project

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Plaster Casting was a fun project. It was not just only a project for my art class, but it was also a day that I knew my classmates and professor better. I am really enjoying my art class so far. Today we had Plaster Casting project at Seal Beach. while we were waiting for our professor to arrive,we dug holes, followed instructions and made impressions of our hands and legs that our professor posted on the class website.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image Tina Wisborn

We followed the instructions but we did not know how much water and plaster that needed to be added. So we had a little nice talk and break while waiting for our instructor to arrive.

when our professor arrived, he gave us instructions more clear and made our job so much easier.

Featured image Ok guys! Pay attention: 1 part of water and 2 parts of plaster (not too thick – not too thin) Tina Wisborn

So we added 1 part of sea water and 2 parts of plaster, then we poured it into the impressions. We had to wait for thirty minutes for the plaster to dry. We used our thirty minutes effectively by getting to know each other better. Our professor gave us many helpful advice for the art class and job searching.

Thirty minutes had gone by so quickly, we started to remove the molds. We dug around the molds carefully, because it was still wet and fragile

.Featured imageFeatured image -Gleen Zucman

And here in the our products!!!

Featured imageFeatured image

I am working full as a Register nurse and full student. I thought full-time job and school would make my life very stressful but it turned out  as a opposite effect so far. I hope I will continue enjoy and learn more from my art class.


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