Victorine Meurent

Edouard Manet 088.jpg

Victorine Meurent (1844-1927)

Victorine Louise Meurent was a French painter and a famous model for painters. She was born in Paris. In age of 16, she started her career as a model. She was a street singer and also played guitar and violin and sang at concert-café.

Manet is a painter, who saw Meurent on the street and carrying her guitar. Meurent became model for Manet in 1862 with his painting The Street Singer. It is a great painting. They should both receive credit for their works. A good painter needs a great model for the posing and gaze to make the painting more appeal to the viewers.

In 1860s, Meurent was a favorite model of manet’s painting. They were creating and Meurent appeared with several different characters. All of these painting showing Meurent looked straight at the viewer and did not pay attention on her surroundings. Her eyes and face expression are making me more curious about what was on her mind.


In 1870s, Meuretn started taking art classes and she drew more about academic style painting which Manet did not like. Their relationship was falling apart and Meurent stopped modeling for Manet. Meurent still continued her career as a model for several artists. She also continued her career as a painter. In 1906 Meurent retired from her career and left Paris for Colombes until the end of her life.

This is only painting of  Meurent surviving from her works.

  Palm Sunday (1880s)

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