Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee is born in 1970. She is photographer and filmmaker and living in Seoul. She earned bachelor degree in Fine Art of Chung-Ang in South Korea and then moved to New York and finished master degree in Photography in 1998.

Lee depicted her snapshots when she is still in school in which various ethnic and social groups, including drag queens, punks, swing dancers, senior citizens, Latinos, hip-hop musicians and fans, skateboarders, lesbians, young urban professionals, and Korean schoolgirls. Lee came up with these ideals for her projects because she is always interesting in how she would look and act if she grew up in other cultures.

I like the project Hip-Hop in 2001 of Lee. Her works are beautiful and it is saying that we can be anyone in the world if you want to be. She also experiences about another life and part of her nature by experiencing other cultures. In this picture she is presenting with darker skin tone and wearing a wig. If I don’t know Nikki S. Lee is Korean I would think she is African-American.

Her project is very inspiring me about she can be anyone belong to any ethnic group. The picture of Hispanic project in 1998, I could not recognize Lee in this picture. The way she dressed, wore make-up and poses very similar to the person next to her.

Lee’s works have known and exhibited in many museums in America. In 2006 Lee released a film called A.K.A. Nikki S. Lee. The project described as a “conceptual documentary” showing Lee has two distinct personalities such as reserved academic and outgoing socialite.


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