Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff

 Janet Cardiff was born in 1957 in Canada. She earned her BFA from Queen University, Kingston in 1980. In 1983, she earned MVA from University of Alberta. Cardiff was trained in photography and printing making. Her first artistic collaboration with Bures Miller, in 1983, was a Super-8 film called The Guardian Angel. After this filmmaking experience, Cardiff’s work began to include elements of narrative sequencing, experiments with sound, and movement

Her first major work based in recorded sound was called The Whispering Room, a minimal work consisting of a dark space with 16 small round speakers mounted on stands that play the voice of individual characters. As visitors move through the space and the voices, a film projector is triggered playing a slightly slow-motion film, which makes her work famous about her thought and skill of about to control environment very well.

Some of Cardiff’s most well-known solo works are her audio walks. Her first was created somewhat serendipitously during a residency at the Banff art center in 1991. In 1996, she was asked to create a site-specific piece for the museum grounds at  Louisiana Museum in Denmark. Since then, she has created notable walks such as Her Long Black Hair (2004), in and around Central Park, and Words Drawn in Water (2005) for the Hirshorn Museum. Cardiff is also work with her husband George Bures

I like her arts because she is very creative. She put so much effort and thought into her works. She control the environment, situations, sounds of her work very well.

retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Cardiff


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