Eva & Franco Mattes

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Eva and Franco were born in 1976. They both did not receive any art education. They meet in Madrid in 1994 and never separate after. They are operating under the Pseudonym  0100101110101101.org. they are counted among second wave of internet artist.

Stolen piece project: Eve and Franco had showed their work in Postmaster Gallery in Chelsea they have kept secret for 15 years. “Stolen Pieces” is an exhibit of dozens of tiny fragments of masterpieces by Kandinsky, Duchamp, and Andy Warhol, that the couple stole from museums in the US and Europe over a period of two years.

Internet project: in 1998 they have turned their private website in to public art. They explained that people use websites interactively and follow what they are supposed to do. The Mattes, on the other hand, viewed websites in a different way and decided that they can express themselves differently. By doing something that is not predicted by the author of the website, “the beholder becomes an artist and the artist becomes a beholder: a powerless witness of what happens to his work.” Their 2010 work, “No Fun,” epitomizes the sentiment in the previous quote because it utilizes the social networking and video chat website Chatroulette to exhibit Franco Mattes staging a false suicide (hanging) in part of the screen and people’s responses to it in other parts of the screen.

Work on second life

“Eva and Franco first revealed their love for Second Life through their Avatar’s portraits (2006-2007). In an interview with Domenico Quaranta, they stated that the self-portraits of the 13 Most Beautiful Avatars were not meant to reveal “the way you ‘are’, but rather on the way you ‘want to be ‘’The Mattes wanted to stress that our culture revolves around plagiarism. They followed up by saying that their project was not a completely original piece. In fact, they stated that anyone who claims that their work is an original, should really “start doubting” their mental health, because practically everything in this world, not just art, is a reproduction or remix of something that has been released before.”


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