Museum Week!

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I have not visited museum for a while. It was a good activity to for the assignment this week and I have a change to enjoy the painting in Torrance Art Museum. It was my first time to visit Torrance art museum.

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Mimmo Catania is artist of the mount in Torrance Art Museum. Mimmo Catania was born in 1995 in Italy. He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino.

I like two of his paintings. His arts are blurry, it makes the viewer to think about his work rather than see straight forward in his painting.

Displaying 20150717_153311.jpg

This painting is called Blinded by The Night, the oil paint on canvas. This painting is blurry in fire. At first I did not understand and recognized what it was. It looks like an air-plane on fire. I like how he combined red, black and white to make this painting more beautiful.

Displaying 20150717_153007.jpg

Storm is another product of Mimmo Catania. This painting is very impressed me because it is so big and describe people activities during a storm. Catania used the ink and oil for this painting. The ink makes the painting even more interesting because of its blurry in the rain.


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