Joseph DeLappe

Joseph Delappe is professor of department of Art in University of Nevada, Reno. He works with electronic and new media since 1983. He is working on online gaming performance, installation and sculptures, which are known in America and abroad. His work is related to “war, politic, work, play, protest, and human/machine relation”. In 2012, he received the Regents Award for Creative Activities

Drones Project is very impress me. It was made from cardboard by students and volunteers. “The 1,000 Drones Project – A Participatory Memorial, invites the public to create a small scale, paper craft replica of a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) – a drone. Participants are asked to write the name of a civilian drone casualty upon the wings of the aircraft. The 1,000 paper drones created for this installation were made over the past three months by local students and volunteers working through the FSU Department of Art for the exhibition “Making Now – Art in Exchange” curated by Carolyn Henne.”

“This project is an adaptation of The 1,000 Cranes or “Senbazuru” tradition from Japan. This tradition holds that anyone who folds one thousand cranes will be granted a wish. Since World War II the tradition has been associated with the atomic attacks upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima – the folding of the cranes has become a wish for peace. Through the act of participating in this work of creative remembrance, the intention is for we, as Americans, to recognize and remember those innocents killed in our ongoing Global War on Terror.”

17 feet tall cardboard paper craft of Gandhi is second life of Dellape. “A journal and document and document regarding the online and treadmill powered reenactment of Mahtma Gandhi’s “Salt arch to Dandi” in Second Life from March 12th  through April 6th, 2008 and the works that have been created since the completion of the walk.” DeLappe set up a customize treadmill for 26 days with 240 miles.

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