Let’s get started!

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I am not good at drawing. I used to avoid any activity that involved with art; I could do anything in exchange. It took me awhile to figure out what I need to do for this week project.

My husband and I prepared for the activity by getting the paper, pencil and dim the light. When we started, we just looked at each other and laugh so hard. We had a good laugh for about 5 minutes. We finally stop laughing. We put our hands on the pencil and closed our eyes for about ten minutes and let our hands moving freely with the pencil. My husband actually fell into sleep (hahahaha).It is our drawing.

Featured imageFeatured image

At first I did not see the purpose of the automatic drawing but after the activity I think it was fun. We enjoyed our Sunday night by preparing and doing this activity. I am really enjoying my art summer class.


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