Geocaching Activity

Geocaching is activity for this week. When I first took a look at the activity and watched the video, I was excited to start the activity. I prepared my cache with Altoids tint, short pencil, coins, eraser, magnet, and paper clips.

Featured imageFeatured image

On Thursday, I started to go out and looked for caches. It was not easy. The 1st time was not easy. I went to the parking lot and looked for cache. It was nothing there, except for a big white truck.

There was a little hope that I could find something for the second trip, but it was nothing. It was dark outside so I just went home disappointed.

So today, I got off work early to go look for cache on Geocaching. I decided to go to the beach. There was no parking space, it was crowded. We passed so many caches at the beach. I found another one on PCH Blvd and I missed couple left turns to the area where the cache was.

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Finally, I found a cache. There was nothing there I think I could take or exchange from the cache, so I did not take anything. I just left my cache in there. I think finding caches is hard and we need to have patient.


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