Vanessa Blaylock

At 1st I really like her works because of avatars that she created. They are beautiful and attracting. She is very talent in the ways that she came up with weird ideas and how she is interpreting them.

After I have looked through her works, I cannot say whether I like them or not. They are weird but interesting.

Poster image for VB49: SPF50 featuring [Anonymous Avatar], Scarlett Luv, Harmony Sandalphon, Agnes Sharple, Lizzie Gudkov, and Vanessa Blaylock standing naked on a beach showing different degrees of sunburn skin damage

VB49. Blaylock created all naked bodies in standing in the swimming pool and with the sunburn and bikini lines. She is comparing these avatars with Victoria Secret models for the Pink. I guess she is trying say that Pink product from Victoria Secret are not good?

I get more confuse about this project of VB 03. Blaylock claims that her works expressing their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights. Perhaps, she is only the one that able to express her works.


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