Lanscapes with a Corpse

Featured image

When I read assignment for this week, it saw some sample pictures, which were very cool. I thought it is easy. But when I re-think about it, it is kind of weird project for this week.

I am at St.Croix for my summer vacation and doing this week assignment. My teacher was asking a question like “what is my thought of doing this project?” I was born and grew up by the beach, moved to America and live close to the beach. Now I am traveling to St.Croix, and doing my homework on the beach. It means that whatever I do it has to be on or close to the beach.

As you see the picture, it is saying that if I have a choice to die I want to die by the beach. After taking the picture and writing this assignment, I think the message behind it is where and how you want to be when you die.


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